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5 Key Measurements for Development of Size Chart

Shubhangi Yadav (Shinde) & Bhawana Chanana

Nanomaterials for Textile Applications – A Critical Review

Y. Jhanji

Solid Textile Wastes: Different Types and their Causes of Generation

Shweta J. Doctor & P. A. Khatwani

Thermal Comfort Properties of Elastic Knitted Fabrics

Manjunath Burji, P. V. Kadole, A. J. Dhavale & Dhananjay Chavan

Study on Tactile Comfort Characteristics of School Uniforms

P. Amarjeet Singh, M. Manshahia & A. Das

Sustainable Innovations in Functional Fashion Clothing

Chet Ram Meena & Janmay Singh Hada

Alkaline Extraction of Natural Dye from Pterocarpus santalinus Powder and its Application on Cotton

Jothi Mani Sahadevan & Kalaiarasi Kaliappan

Color Removal from Textile Effluent Using Emulsion System

Babita U. Chaudhary, Sandip Todkar & Ravindra D. Kale

Physical and Mechanical Properties of some Regenerated Cellulose Fibers in Comparison with PET and Egyptian Cotton Fibers

Alsaid Ahmed Almetwally, M. H. Kasem & M. A. Saad

A Review on Breathable Fabrics Part – I: Fabric Construction

S. B. Vhanbatte, Bharti Thakur & R. L. Gotipamul

Development of Stab and Impact Resistance Tester for Body Protector

M. S. Parmar, Neha Kapil & Sangita Saini

General Aptitude Test Battery (GATB) Norms for Jobs in Textile Mills

Dr. Ashok M. Dolke

Extraction of Natural Dye from Peepal Bark (F.Religiosa) and its Application on Textile Substrates

Dr. Sheetal Chopra, Dr. Anjali Agrawal & Ms. Jyoti Rani

Fabric Cover: An Important Property Affecting the Aesthetic Appearance of the Fabric

Ramesh N. Narkhedkar, Allowkika N. Patange & Shrihari S. Neje

Effect of Antimicrobial Activity of Herbal Treated Cotton, Bamboo, and Tencel Socks

P. Dhanapriya & U. Ratna

Impact of Social Media Marketing on Customer Trust in Indian Textile Industry

P. Prasanthi & B. Senthil Kumar

Revival of the Looped Fabric: Crocheting Flat to 3D Structures

Priya Mittal & Bhawana Chanana

Sustainable Technologies for Cellulosic and Protein-Based Textiles

Harshal Patil & Ashok Athalye

To Study the PET/Bamboo & PET/Cotton Blend Yarn to Made for the Knitted Fabric on Comfort Properties Behavior

Anupam Kumar, Ramratan & Jitender Kumar

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