Mr. V. P. Gupta appointed as Chairman of TAI Central

Mr. Ved Prakash Gupta is a senior Textile Professional. He did B.Tex, Tech. from a World renowned Institute T.I.T., Bhiwani in 1979, later on MBA, PGDBA, Diploma in Labour & Admin, and Law in working period.

Over 40 years he worked in various reputed composite Textile groups in India & Abroad from Beginner to President.CEO level in Bhiwara group. JCT Sriganganagar, RSR Mohota Mill, SKNL Dewas, BEDI group Kenya etc.

He worked on the latest Textile machines with cotton, synthetic, Bamboo yarn etc. On Suiting, Shirting, Sheeting, Dress material, Terry Towels etc.

Though he has more expertise in Weaving, his focus is on Spinning, Weaving, Processing & Techno-Commercial, plus value added products completely.

He helped in upgrading from loss making to profitable level with the help of the existing team.

Presently he is in Textile consulting services.


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